Pearl Pigment volume Lip Makeup

Nov 27,2016

Petal berry lips are always trendy. It's a great way to instantly alter your image, not to mention the lips are one of the best attractions on the female face.

Beautiful natural makeup for a day

Nov 22,2016

Gentle natural makeup will make you "cheat" a few years old with clear appearance and so cute.

Turn the puppy eyes of chemical style eyeliner

Nov 19,2016

Puppy eyes seemed naive and innocent. This simple eyeliner technique will show you how to get cute droopy puppy eyes.

Makeup romantic, gentle as Juliette

Nov 6,2016

Makeup style will bring you feminine, fashionable and attractive.

Tone burgundy red makeup luxury and glamor

Nov 4,2016

Try a new makeup style brings luxury, classic and glamorous.