Uses magic of ice on your face in the morning

Oct 23,2016
Whether you are aware of the utility of beauty "gods" of the stone cold, especially ice in the morning.

In everyday life, we use the cool stones to cooling in the hot summer days, when the swelling apply ice or a fever ... all will certainly not widely known use of stone beautiful skin cold.

Few people know that the ice will be used as astringent pores, stimulate elasticity, prevent aging, reducing inflammation, treating sunburns, exfoliating ...

If you're feeling curious about the ice cubes, a few simple suggestions below will help women quickly using simple beauty method that is effective.

1. Stimulate skin elasticity

When the morning wash your face with cool stones instead of regular water, you'll find your skin is significantly improved.

Cold stones will increase blood circulation, stimulate skin elasticity, rejuvenate the skin, erasing wrinkles, preventing the normal signs of aging.


2. Helps skin smoother morning

Rubbing ice on the face, your body will automatically send a stream of warm blood to the affected area, thus improving blood flow. This will beautify and improve the pale, tired. It also helps the skin to light up more naturally.

If you have to rush out of the house in less fatigue and excellence, this is the fastest way of making your skin look smoother, smoother and fresher.

3. Minimize pores

We've all heard the phrase "Hot, then swells, then shrinks cold". That is also the use of ice. When you use ice cubes on the face, combined with the massage movements a day will help to tighten the pores on the skin, and reduce the sebum, dirt ingrained in pores hair, facial cleansers help you more easily without caring feat.

4. Increase efficiency for creams, especially eye cream

This may not be the way so new skin care with the young Japanese, and Korean, but it is the recent craze attracts many Asian sisters.

As noted above, the cold stone makes it easy to tighten pores, making work easy cream layer from skin, and keep them from drifting away, increasing the effectiveness of the cream.

Especially for those who frequent eye dark circles, use of ice before applying moisturizer will help increase efficiency, blurred ugly tired your eyes.

5. Reduce puffiness and swelling

Status puffy eyes every morning wake up no stranger to the busy office ladies. The cause may be due to your lack of sleep, staying up late, stress due to work or simply insect bites, invading bacteria or allergens causes other ...

Use ice cubes wrapped in the towel and move around the areola skin, cold air will help you to refresh and reduce puffiness / dark circles under the eyes. From there, you do not have to depend so much on concealer when ice became powerful savior for you.

By: Isabella Wright