Users resolutely refused to return Note 7

Oct 13,2016
Ignoring the recommendations of Samsung of the product recall campaign by its largest ever, many users refuse to return Note 7.

Some users Note 7 had refused to return the product despite receiving warnings about the risk of explosion as well as a recall of the device from Samsung.

CNET even quoted a big fan, there is Twitter account has name of @SexualJumanji, the threat can’t be clearer: "If you want to get back Note 7, Samsung have to step over my body". Softer, users @flo_rizer confirmed: "Sorry, but I still will keep the Note 7 inside mine".

CNET interviewed Robinson Suarez, EMS staff from Queens, New York, is a longtime fan of Samsung. Although to use the Note 7 was replaced several times because it’s constantly exploding, Robinson still denies split with this smartphone.

Robinson said: "All my friends would get made fun of, both real life and social network. But I don’t mind it. "

Joseph Jugos - a passionate user another - no secret of the love expressed with curves on the screen Note 7: "It almost have reached absolute perfection. I could not abandon it. "

Contrary to @SexualJumanji, his mother felt pleased that Samsung decided to put safety of users first.

If owns Note 7 and is a fan of Samsung, Will you continue to risk yourself to support Samsung or switch to other brand?

By: Robinson Clark