Use Note 7 can be converted into a free Galaxy S8

Oct 25,2016
Customers who have purchased the Note 7 can be free or cost very little to pay only part of the transition to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Previously, many user reports that Galaxy Note 7 was changed through another version of the Galaxy, or subsidies to their Samsung Galaxy S8 buy later.

However, Sammobile page that Korean companies will allow users to purchase individual free Note 7 was changed to Galaxy S8. This means the client after the last change or S7 S7 will be changed next edge to the latter S8 free or paid very little.

Samsung is trying to compensate for damage to customers Note 7. Photo: Sammobile.

Representatives of Samsung also said in an interview: "Samsung is designing a promotion to help people pay Galaxy Note 7 change feel easier and more comfortable."

However, this does not confirm the information on the Sammobile. So how Samsung can implement the plan effectively troubleshooting from Note 7 has yet to be elucidated.

In Vietnam, Samsung only refund policy applies to Note 7, no notification unit incentive programs when moving through other devices from the Korean manufacturer.
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By: Garcia Martinez