US teen excited to hear Obama share about 'love'

Oct 20,2016
Despite being a powerful president, Obama has proven himself to be a leader close to the people, especially the youth.

Not only is a respected president of the United States, Barack Obama is also a father of two daughters, Sasha Obama (15) and Malia Obama (18). Therefore, nothing too strange, as he can easily understand the inner thoughts of the young.

In the last 18 October, he was present to interact with the students at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School. For a president like Obama closely, talking and completely fascinated young people is not a very difficult thing.

President Obama has used his body language to simulate the scene of 2 selfie messaging and daughter made the students under hugely enjoyable.

This 55-year-old leader wants to encourage young people not to overdo items such as phone technology to connect with each other. Besides, he also shared for young people to hear about how he wants to communicate with a girl without taking a message.

If you really love someone, please forward, face to face and find ways to talk to him. Do not depend on technology.

The conversation showed that between four flex the most powerful office in the world, Obama is still very interested in the private life of her daughter.

Remember in July, Malia Obama, the first-born daughter of President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle was caught smoking marijuana in the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. Also in this festival, Malia became the focus of attention when dancing sexy kilt beside your team while enjoying performances by the artists.

This made him very angry. The White House even held a public hearing on these actions Malia. Reportedly, Obama will end in November for the upcoming period, surely the mark of a first black president will be the American people remember forever.

That's how I approached the girl I like without having to plug in the device.

By: Harris Martin