US presidential election at risk of being hacked

Nov 5,2016
Besides the positive side, technology is becoming a threat to the presidential elections are to sprint stage in America.

March, personal email John Pedesta - former White House staff, the head of the presidential election campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2016 had been controlled by Fancy Bear - the next hacker groups from Russia. Technological dream now becomes a nightmare not only obsessed politicians but also disturbing for all people.

The 2016 presidential election is entering the sprint stage. Photo: Mary Altaffer / AP

8 years ago, a senator from Illinois, has cleverly used social media as an effective means to mobilize voters to win over the rival opposition party.

Campaign team of President Obama's experts also praised the use of technology known to enlist the support of voters. Journalist, writer David Carr made famous analysis in The New York Times as follows:

"The way the Obama campaign, although not new, but has been used successfully by social networking applications to organize fundraising movement, against the smear campaign of the opponents and get sympathy from people".

However, only 10 years later, modern technology and social media have been deformed, become a weapon of war by the major powers.

Why does technology become a threat?

Two presidential candidate of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party is Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton used the Twitter account as an open forum for broadcasting offensive words towards the opponent (in addition to promoting election campaign). Team who are also willing to support workers in the debate to defend his party's candidates. This leads to the argument pointless, unnecessary.

Both candidates are trying to operate a maximum of productivity to take advantage of the vote in the sprint stages. However, unlike last season when the campaign focuses on 24 hours / day, the activities of the 2016 election season takes place mainly on the Internet.

Specifically, Tuesday, Slate - specialized online site on politics and culture of America has published a detailed article about Donald Trump have linked up with Russian banks. To demonstrate this, the magazine quoted unnamed experts extract DNS records showed abnormal Internet traffic between a server located at the headquarters of Mr. Trump in Manhattan and bank Alfa Bank in Russia .

In the debate as well as during the campaign, Mr. Trump repeatedly applauded and defended Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is the reason leading to serious allegations made. After being exposed Slate, Donald Trump denies the whole story.

Toward Hillary Clinton, although willing to join rivals criticized the former US president's wife is also busy with trying to expose your email information on Wikileaks subordinates.

John Pedesta told reporters at Clinton's home in Washington. Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP.

One point, Clinton not only overcome the problem, but also respond to Wikileaks previous successful campaign to discredit Trump sharp. However, at the last minute, FBI Director - James COMEY unexpectedly reopened the investigation confidential personal email Democrat candidate information due to suspicious findings from Anthony Weiner computer. This person is Huma Abedin's husband - deputy chairman of the election campaign Clinton.

After the incident occurred, the situation seems to be reversed when the national polls, the latest ABC said Mr Trump did take the lead.

Potential threats adjacent

Clinton's trouble past, rarely have a method of transmitting information such as how many email criticized. This communication platform has a history of over 40 years of development, has become a useful tool, is present everywhere in the world.

But government officials and politicians seem not aware of all the potential threats when contacted by this method. Information is still likely to leak and exploited by bad guys undesirable.

During the presidential election eight years ago, when new social media to develop the first step, a number of people who sound the alarm.

This group, called the Internet Security Alliance (SAI), wrote his triumphant Obama, while providing policy recommendations on tightening security.

The SAI heads declared: "Network security is no longer confined to the break-in high school site that has grown, becoming a virtual base of terrorists, organized crime, large rather than hostile states ".

Some experts, including the CEO, founder Cybersecurity Ventures - Steve Morgan expressed concern:

"Now the mass media are still lukewarm to unexpected developments and have serious world of network security. Hope journalists in particular and people in general will raise awareness vigilant about these issues further. "

The second term of President Obama has ended, but the Trumps and Clinton is not really willing to solve the problem of cyber warfare. The current technology is no longer harmless as the original purpose which was to become one of the strategic weapon of individuals and organizations ambitions. We hope that the next US president will have a lucid enough to protect the country from external threats.

By: Youth Alexander