Unique collection of necklace 'mini book'

Oct 19,2016
Believers claim and proper fashion will definitely excited about collections unique necklace as the book's mini Retro bold designer couple Philadelphia.

At Philadelphia, Penna, with a couple famous for handmade jewelry crafted from natural materials. That's two Peg and Awl designers. 

A special feature of the collection of this unique necklace is just as real. Each book contains mini class high quality leather exterior, some basic pages and being molded inside home. The owner of the necklace is entirely possible to use the pen in the book not unlike a real product notes. If including strap, each unique necklace near 50 cm in length. But the book itself is the largest mini high only less than 2 cm.


This mini book not only higher than 2 cm.


Because looks Retro and fancy, collections This unique necklace is becoming the "hot" Peg and Awl brand. Each necklace is priced at 38 dollars. In addition, the couple Peg and Awl also artisans crafted ornaments and many other jewelry from wood and leather.


Rooted passion with history, culture and the pure beauty of the earth and sky, the couple opened a workshop for making the same named Atlas Casket Factory. Every day, their work is the creation of new jewelry gifts, and set to work carving - trim, the site manager of sales and care for two little boys.

 Although the company has maintained this family for years, but until recently, Peg and Awl officially became famous with a collection unique necklace in the form of miniature books.

Check out some unique necklace shaped pattern book mini Peg & Awl brand this way:


Resist the lure comes from the collection of this unique necklace

They look quite small but no less luxurious other ornaments


 Do you want to pick a "brother" this cute about your home?

By: Foster Gonzales