Turn the puppy eyes of chemical style eyeliner

Nov 19,2016
Puppy eyes seemed naive and innocent. This simple eyeliner technique will show you how to get cute droopy puppy eyes.

You are familiar with Cat eyes makeup style is the star enthusiastic trendsetters. Characteristic of this type of makeup is eye tail slightly upward, creating sexy, seductive and mysterious for the girl.

However, while a different makeup styles for girls who like pure image and sweet. That Puppy eyes makeup. In contrast to the eyes Cat, Puppy eyes makeup with the eyes with big eyes downwards help, round, cute.

Let's explore the two styles of makeup helps girls transformed every day:

Puppy Eyes makeup:

Style transformation with two types of eyeliner

Step 1: Using hand wax emulsion eyeshadow blend well to create a shine to the eyes.

Step 2: Using emulsion pale yellow eye shadow to your eyelids spread the top and bottom sections.


Step 3: Subscriptions are brown chalk in the lower eyelid to create a fake eye puffiness, extreme hot trend among young Koreans.

Step 4: Eyeliner under the contour of the upper eyelid, extend and create a small triangle linking the upper eyelid and lower eyelid.



Step 5: Using forceps, then mascara from her eyes slowly between the eyes and lower lashes.


Step 6: To have a perfect puppy eyes, you should be glued eyelashes in the lower eyelid. Eyed, steam will cause no man forbid refuse your offer.

By: Tansania Alia