Trend wearing 'chest breeze foot' hot fashion

Oct 19,2016
Add a hot fashion style and charm of women are brought up and quickly attracted the attention of many fine people in showbiz Vietnam and the world.

In 2016, was dubbed the "Year of the hottest fashion style throne" with fever movement for women as a "grazing" loop, short croptop breeze waist, shirt showing bare shoulder late ,. .. October next, the fashion world once again brought up the new movement sizzling sexy and more: croptop shirt ... short route chest legs.

Perhaps croptop capital is no longer a strange accessory with clamping bow sister of us, but with the variation more diverse and style, this jacket short as short of capital even further, exposed parts of the first round sexy flush shirt. This movement is rooted in the style of her sexy difficult Kendall Jenner intensity and quickly spread, many people responded by other beautifully.


Kendall Jenner is said to be the "initiator of this charming style. She regularly put on the shirt thin openings within 1 fascinated gaze of everyone around


Movement quickly spread carving world. Rihana is a continuation for one artist chest leg openings in advertising shoot his album


Female rapper "super loop" Nicky Minaj with tight black dress covered under equivocal chest strap

Lady Gaga with sexy street style with sequin jacket and torn jeans "can not be shorter"


Halsey's Chainsmokers songstress showed off a new fashion style at the 2016 VMAs ceremony


Sister Kendall, Kylie Jenner also supported his sister's new fad


Chiara Ferragni classic army green skirt with wool cap down the street


Multiple stream idea that Christina Aguilera was the one who "initiated" this movement as she dressed to events VMAs 2002. However, by 2016, this style really spread. Supermodel Karlie Kloss at the event in a strapless white dress and waist sweet ceiling

By: Queeny Athena