Top creamy blushes favourite by Bambigirl

Nov 24,2016
Compared with a powder blush, cream blush types seem to be preferable because women better grip and natural colors.


There are many lines of creamy blush Korean favorite for many years can you ever in your makeup bag.

1. Tension Blusher Missha Line Friends

Tension Line Blusher Missha Friends have smooth, creamy texture is not too special, just miles slight blush is a cream-colored coat has dried up very quickly and naturally flushed. Thanks to the lemonade ingredients should always feels cool to makeup, does not cause severe side. Is there an ideal color fastness up to 5 hours, as is the creamy blush so much more grip kinds powder blush. It is also an ideal choice with her favorite natural makeup style.



2. Mineral Cream Blusher Innisfree

Products blush moisture creamy smooth texture brings lightweight beauty, natural for cheeks. This cream blush line with Camelia extract oil and green tea seed oil, moisture and helps provide traction on the skin color. Creamy blush line also regulate the amount of oil on the skin helps control skin sebum and sweat. In addition, the products retain color in the long run, however, Innisfree Mineral Cream Blusher only 3 colors are orange, coral pink and light pink.



3. Skinfood Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher


Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher is the creamy blush with essences extracted from roses always make the skin soft and supple, not parched. 6 bright blush cheeks get you very lovely, cute. Ensure Youthful, fresh makeup for women, plus it is next to the cans with Bulgarian roses pictures glamorous and attractive.



4. Etude House Sweet Cupcake Recipe All Over Color

This is a 3 in 1 product line can just lipstick, blush and eye shadow cream, the product has good grip, smooth, level up to color. Our products are extracted from marshmallow, butter nuts, cocoa, citrus ... just provide moisture to the skin, providing a youthful beauty for skin cheeks bright face full of vitality.


The creamy blush spreading true:


For a creamy blush spreading so naturally, you can use your finger or the sponge was soaked. After getting just enough of the cream, you should smile to reveal the cheek, then just lightly miles cheekbone area in the direction from the cheekbone to the ear and then spread them in a circular motion to be cream-colored harmony. Then you can add cream government create highlight block or powder if necessary.


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By: Turner Phillips