Tone burgundy red makeup luxury and glamor

Nov 4,2016
Try a new makeup style brings luxury, classic and glamorous.

Burgundy brings a touch of classic, elegant and noble. Therefore, colors are given special priority in the occasion parties, festivals. Besides the red outfit charming, this classic, style burgundy-style make-up and the "rise" to the girls radiant and more beautiful in the spring in the air.

Burgundy has 2 tone makeup predominantly red and pink. Often dark red looks quite old and scary, but with a bit of metamorphosis, you will look extremely gorgeous and cute. Try a new makeup style along Pony - famous Korean ulzzang offline!

Step 1:

Burgundy red makeup total luxury and glamor

- Use a makeup base pink tone to the skin smooth, ruddy.

- For the cream into your palm and rub hands over the face. Rub inside and out gently to achieve the best performance.
Step 2:

Use pink light cream concrete foundation.

 Extrusion hand cream and put up about 1cm face.
Use a sponge to blend well as ice cream.

 Use leftover to apply the cream on the cheek again because the cheek is the most extensive face, the cream should be used 2 to layer long-lasting makeup.
Step 3:

Use concealer bright yellow tones.


 Apply to the area under the eyes wide with makeup brushes and gently pressed by hand.
Apply a layer of concealer on the eye area remains dark.
 Use the excess cream apply to areas of the eye.
 Use a darker tone to apply concealer to the 2 nostrils, under the lip.
Step 4:

Use deep brown eyebrows to "cool down" of Burgundy makeup tones.
 Brush from the middle to a more natural color.
Use brown pencil to shape eyebrows.
Step 5:

 Use mascara for eyebrow hair the same color. So brush up very slightly to the most natural color.
Step 6:


 Apply eyeliner pink glosses from outside to inside and then gently spread hand. Do the same for the lower lashes.

 Use eyeliner to apply to gold as places were guys eyeliner.
Step 7:

 Use eyeliner red lipstick for the lower eyelid area. Eyes with eyeliner tail length of about 1cm. Use a brush to the eyes eyes look natural.

step 8

Clamp the upper eyelids and lower lids carefully.
Use mascara to both 2.
Step 9:

- Use a lightly apply blusher on the cheeks.
Step 10:

Use a concealer to dab on the lips lip color more evenly. Apply red lipstick lips on the heart in your hand and gently rub them out.  Use a lip brush apply a layer of lipstick to add more to the heart of the lips.

Radiant beauty without "enough" with burgundy tones.



By: Feedy Jonhson