There is a beautiful and rare duck species on the planet, have you seen yet?

Oct 23,2016
If you think all the world ducks have gray plumage, waddling figure looks "can not love well," then you need to look after contemplate the "face" of this duck species.

Surely many of us have been teachers, parents tell fairy story "The Ugly Duckling" since he was tiny. And so, do not know since when the body small girl child, with good-looking appearance is not very much is immediately attached to the label "ugly duckling".

However, if you believe all the ducks in the world have gray plumage, body waddling, looking only saw "can not love well," then you need to review after seeing these images.

These ducks Mandarin ducks are considered one of the most beautiful animals on the planet.

Without being told before, if you think this is a duck? Sure there are people who think it is beautiful swan species here that somehow.

These animals have showy plumage of this beautiful species of ducks cavity is rare and most beautiful planet.

The reason they are called because they usually duck Mandarin ducks in pairs, called the wise males, females called the run. We always work closely together as a couple. Only the female incubates the eggs while the new couple temporarily apart then returned together. An unfaithful females with only one male, they are considered a symbol for the happy couple.

Features of this species is that they always "have double, a twin," side by side should be regarded as the symbol of conjugal happiness.

Males often have showy plumage, extremely prominent. We have a red beak, large crescent-shaped markings above the eyes white and red face and also includes "beard". Their breasts purple with white stripes vertically two, two tawny red hips, with two clusters like two sails fur orange at the back.


Females has white rings around the eyes and stripes running backwards from the eye, but faded. They have small white stripe on the side and top pale beak.

Length of less than 45cm duck cavity, weighing about 0.5kg Per child.


Ducks Mandarin ducks Mandarin with English name is (or Aix galericulata). They live mainly in eastern Asia as Russia, China, Japan. But in recent years, due to habitat changes, the number of species in parts of Russia, China has declined significantly, to about less than 1,000 pairs.


By: Harris Coleman