The most inaccessible attractions planet

Oct 19,2016
If a long flight or a few hours at sea makes you tired, you will panic at the thought of the attractions is arguably the world's most inaccessible.

But this is a paradise for those who really believe that the journey is as important as the destination similar.

1. Tristan da Cunha: This is considered the most inaccessible places in the world. Tristan da Cunha archipelago in the South Atlantic is home to people who stay away from the mainland, with a population of 266 people. Although Tristan still have autonomy, this island is an overseas territory of the UK. Photo: Ribacompetitions.

Tristan da Cunha is not a place tourists can enjoy the visit. In addition to no runway for the plane, you must obtain the approval of the Board of Directors a new island could arrive. The easiest way is to ask for permission to contact via email with the manager's secretary island, and offers a curriculum vitae certificates granted by the British police. Photo: Brian Gratwicke / Flickr.

After obtaining consent, the visitors will have to contact us to ride the freight train in Cape Town (South Africa), is approximately $ 500, spent six days at sea and reached nearly 2,500 km to reach the Tristan da Cunha. Photo: Wiki.

2. Norfolk Island: Not far inland as Tristan da Cahuna, tourists still have to go a long distance to get to Norfolk. Photo: Denisbin / Flickr.

Located between the east coast of Australia and north of New Zealand, Norfolk only about 20 km2 and a population of 2,200 people, but there is a tourist industry is well developed. Photo: Trvl-media.

Tourists have come to Auckland, Brisbane or Sydney, then to Air New Zealand flight to reach the airport on the island unique. Photo: Wiki.

3. Niue: Niue is one of the most inaccessible to visitors from North America. The island is located in the South Pacific, about 2,400 km from New Zealand. Photo: Vuorikari / Flickr.

Niue independent nation owning white sand beaches, the whale-watching tours, caves ... rich. It attracts tourists mainly from Australia and New Zealand. Photo: Squarespace.

Airlines Air New Zealand is the only unit extraction routes to the island, with a frequency of 1-2 flights / week, depending on the season. Guests can also consider to and from the island by ship. Photo: Squarespace.

4. Cocos Keeling belongs to the territory west of Australia, Cocos Keeling is located in the Indian Ocean consisting of about 27 large and small islands. Photo: Blogspot.

Most tourist activities here is the water sports and nature photography. Photo: Diveplanit.

Unless private yacht owners, the only way to catch this Island Virgin Australia flight from the territory of Australia. Photo: David Stanley / Flickr.

5. Okunoshima: Known more as "Rabbit Island", the island of Japan served as large factory chemical weapons. Photo: Photobucket.

It quickly became popular, when the video clip posted pictures of a woman jogging along hundreds bunny feet. Photo: Akibanation.

Not easy to get to this place, as visitors must fly to Hiroshima, on a train to Mihara station, switch to another train to arrive Tadanoumi station, and finally taking a ferry from the harbor Tanadoumi. Photo: Fromicetospice.

By: Thomas Jackson