The less known facts about the world's largest refurbished car brand Brabus

Oct 10,2016
Metamorphosis famous for the legendary standards become, Brabus ownership team of skilled craftsmen uncountable in a campus that used to discover all the new cars.

Brabus hands, the standard model will become famous.

Headquartered in the city of Bottrop (Germany), Brabus made many people overwhelmed when entering the space is filled with luxury cars parked terrain neatly before 5 large buildings.

Anyone who has the opportunity to visit this site must use automobiles if not before admiring incapacitation entire regions "makeover" a car.

Place names that reside Brabus makes many people think of the famous German firm inspired by the city. However, this is a piece from the founders name: Brackmann and Busmann.

Brackmann later left to return to their previous jobs Brabus but Busmann (now CEO) keeping the name as a respected former colleagues.

1. Brabus respected China and the Middle East

The latest shipment intended for the Chinese market.

If there are opportunities in the headquarters of Brabus, you will recognize most of the orders came from the country whose economy is prospering China and the Middle East. However, vehicle export market in China is not favorable and easy as many people think.

The vehicle must undergo a long process with strict inspection regulations and high taxes. Therefore, the export of cars is probably not a long-term future of Brabus.

To solve these problems, Brabus decided to establish his agent in China for ease in handling thousands of orders and shipping only taxed only once.

2. Brabus interior of for how long?

The interior will take up to approximately 3 months. Machinery and high-tech devices and automatically select the best grafting skin types for seats through computer software. There is a lot of work to be done by hand to support this process as stitched leather seat and adjust the car's interior. To make a seat in a car, they have to work continuously throughout the two and a half days.

The entire safety system will be replaced so the process will be complicated and time consuming.

The cars are "surgical moi" at BRABUS.

3. Why do the parts on the car are mounted Brabus logo except the steering wheel?

This is one of the most interesting points. Many people may notice, the Mercedes-Benz after the last hand symbol BRABUS will have a large B instead of wings logo traditional 3 star except the steering wheel.

In the steering wheel with airbag, so Brabus does not change anything to ensure absolute safety to the driver. Of course there will be other ways to Brabus developed a separate airbags and safety of the vehicle, but it will take a lot of time and cost. Do not change the logo on the steering wheel, Brabus will not be held responsible if something goes wrong airbag malfunction.

4. What makes Brabus become the airline of the world's largest car?

Each year, nearly 6,500 firms vehicle upgrade and great staff in 450 offices in Germany alone. What made upgrades Brabus car company became the world's largest outside the human factor and the huge number of vehicles?

That is the Brabus has a team of professional engineers in the development and construction of a new engine for the car. Meanwhile, Brabus staff do everything to the car, except for the paint and a few minor details.

BRABUS 3-year warranty with all the details they upgrade. Moreover, the German tuning firm has its own test program checks for vehicle noise and the government have been certified to this process.

A certified quality seal is the power that you can not refuse. The object of the BRABUS customers are often the creators, may be somewhat "eccentric" or a bit unrealistic. Firm always feel comfortable when working with these customers.

In that case, Brabus will highlight more than the car alternative, depending on customer requirements. The company also can cause a headache thinking up ways to avoid creating a conflict between alternative and quality standards.

Besides brand Brabus factory in Bottrop also owns a subsidiary called Startech. Since 1999, this company focuses upgrade cars from the UK as Bentley and Land Rover.

5. Did you know about a trial basis in the Brabus house?

To develop its own engine, the Brabus test centers must comply with all regulations and requirements on running accuracy electric current. The plant has a 800 kW electric current and 900kW power line are expected to be put to use in the future.

Brabus plans to upgrade for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Maybach, with a V12 engine, from 700 to 1,000 horsepower and 1,000 to 1,500 of maximum torque.

The company will replace the original engine and upgrade them. From the turbocharger, pistons, camshafts and cylinder will be replaced. Even more impressive is the new line will replace the bench.

Comes with automatic transmission simulation, it can simulate the actual and specific goods or F1 at Nurburgring Monaca. The carrier was replaced by normal duct ventilation pipe large air flow and CO2 removal easy.

6. What do you know about the facility upgrades Brabus classic car?

Brabus has a specialized facility dedicated to the upgrade of the classic car. Among them, the more prominent is the Mercedes Benz 300 SL both blue nicknamed "Gullwing".

The 300 SL was produced from the 50s of the last century. 1,848 of 1,400 coupe and convertible have been sold. Limited edition of 29 units were also brought up for auction and sold out immediately.

Stock cars are put on a separate region.

Brabus upgrade this car is based on the use of the original engine. Details may be the most beautiful leather suitcase behind the car. A staff of approximately 4,500 hours Brabus and a total cost of 2.5 million euros to restore the status quo for this ancient vehicle.

The company also said that not any old how cars can be restored. All depends on the state of the vehicle. Average staff Brabus takes about 1,000-1,500 hours for restoring a classic car. Moreover, they not only upgraded its lineup of Mercedes-Benz, Brabus also receive the Porsche and Ferrari products.

By: Gray Ramirez