The First Step Makeup Basics For Beginners

Nov 27,2016
Makeup is becoming increasingly more important for girls so if you do not learn make today is very easy lost to so many beautiful faces every time down the street.


Makeup should also have technical and fundamental process, to get the perfect makeup, please refer to the same exact procedure below!

Primer or moisturizer cream?
cream lining
The first step when it is creamy makeup primer. Its main purpose is to moisturize and protect your skin so you can also choose between a moisturizer and primer cream. Besides, do not forget to apply one layer of sunscreen to protect the skin under the action of sunlight.


After lining us whisk followed by step foundation. Start polishing the face first and then to the eyes. 1 perfect class background will help you get the skin smooth and more perfect.



With these girls have more acne, freckles, dark circles or scars, do not forget to use concealer offline. These areas dark circles, pigmentation should be covered with concealer or powder coated bars.
Especially vulnerable areas such as dark circles under eyes, tired, you need concealer carefully for your eyes.
Powder coated


Spreading a layer of face powder lightly compressed. A layer of chalk during your skin becomes smoother, and allows you to easily remove layers of eye shadow after a long day with face covered with wax chalk.

After you get the perfect smooth skin, the next step it is makeup for more limpid eyes, fascinated. Choose a bold color or naked eye for the eye elected.


Then outline the eye with eyeliner and mascara end up. You can try a little light in miles between elected eyes to become more beautiful eyes.


After eye makeup, the next step it is makeup for plump pink lips. With lips, you start by applying lip balm and then use lip liner pencil and eventually fill it with lipstick. To lips become fuller, you can use and spread the fingers lip liner after use. Bowl gloss if you want.


After evaluating our lipstick blush just beat again as had been one perfect makeup. The spreading a thin layer of powder over the cheeks will become more rational, because they help your eyes and lips interlinked.

Moreover, the eyes were lying overthrust blush can help your eyes bright and awake more.
When rouge cheeks, demonstrating that you need to hit the region, can smile slightly to clear cheekbones, thus helping you type more accurate blush.


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By: Turner Phillips