The exercises with chairs for your small waist

Aug 18,2016
Sitting many as one of the main causes of excess fat accumulation, lower body, resulting in abdominal fat and thigh.

However, due to academic requirements and work, we have no other way but to sit at least 6-8 hours every day inside his desk. Why do not you try to turn the tables, chairs and school supplies around the gym instruments effective?

Along preview slimming exercises from key creative learning environment, working around the brim

 Action 1st:

- Sit upright in a chair, feet placed on the ground.

- Keep your foot up and down, note the thighs and legs always makes an angle of 90 degrees, feet not touching the ground.

- Perform 10 times.

Action 2rd:

- Posture prepared as one.

- Constantly put the foot up and down as one movement, but to one side.

- Perform 10 times on each side.

Action 3nd:

- Sit up straight, feet placed on the ground, holding a bag / briefcase to his chest.

- Keep the hands and feet, spun continuously from left to right.

- Perform 10 times on each side.

Action 4th:

- Sit up straight, feet against the ground, one hand on his head, holding his other hand a thick book, hang straight down.

- Screw the people continuously from left to right.

- Perform 10 times on each side.

Action 5th:

- Sitting in a chair, hands on the chair, his back leaning slightly forward, legs closed and stretched.

- Keep your feet as much as possible high and lowered.

- Implement continuous 10 times.

Action 6th:

- Lean is approximately 45 degrees, hands behind her back against a pillar, the chair, legs outstretched.

- Continuous sit-ups.

- Perform 10 times.

By: Harris Coleman