The bizarre fashion trends in the world

Oct 8,2016
While British youth are "fever" with the Supreme bricks, the earlier, the fashionistas in many other countries also produce phenomena similar freakish.


Facekini: in 2016, Chinese women surprised the whole world with a strange swimsuit for facekini known faces. Those who pursue this movement wearing the swimsuit seamless, somewhat hooded cloth and revealed only four holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. Strange fashion trend is believed to protect the wearer from the harmful effects of the sun, but has turned the "fashionistas" milk diapers a true disaster.


Fashion Hitler: Early in 2015, young people in the capital, Bangkok, Thailand "crazy" featured images of Hitler, with scowling eyes and short weird mustache. Cartoon portraits of Hitler appeared everywhere, in all the formats like Ronald McDonald, raccoon or Teletubbies. Water drips young people is even mimics the Nazi salute, causing foreign tourists not surprised from.

Megging: While leggings, tight spandex pants are no longer strangers to the women, the men list was also a chance to show off legs with megging. In 2012, this strange pants ever to storm across the catwalk from Tokyo, Paris, London to New York. Many variations of this repeatedly pants birth, as megging snakeskin, megging sparkling, megging leopard or even megging "transparent".

Elf boots: With elbows bent spearhead extended, boots makes the user does not feel uncomfortable out. However, it used to be the fashion trend is very popular in Mexico in 2011. The image appeared ngoang the long boots flooded TV programs and concerts, and is seen as a symbol of a stylish man at that time.

Jewelry eye: In 2004, the Dutch youth that parents panicked eyes as containing "foreign body". But no, this is considered to be fashionable only for connoisseurs, after the method of contact lens eye discoloration allegedly "outdated". Although the ephemera of fashion has defended the level of harmless metal ornament on the eyes, many experts still warn potential risk damaging beauty of this movement.

Kigurumin: Whatever exists only in the short term (2003 to 2004), creating a negative balance Kigurumin still not small for the Japanese fashion scene. The girls pursue this style wearing flannelette animal simulation and Pokemon, as Pikachu, Hamtaro or Winnie the Pooh. Besides, they will also carry around a teddy bear, cute accessories and makeup style manba (black, white lips, combining large halo around the eyes).

Ganguro: This movement comes from the land of the rising sun, the girls were fed milk-white skin and look to the skin staining method. To complete Ganguro appearance, these girls have to dye leather weekly basis, foundation creams and makeup use is specially for women of color. Not stop there, Ganguro trend also requires the user fashionistas bread thick soles, short skirts, bleached hair, black ink eyeliner, blue iris and white lipstick. Fortunately, this trend has quickly ended in 2001.

By: Edwards Collins