The beauty of Miss International Japan 2016

Oct 26,2016
In the finale of the Miss International Japan 2016, Natsuki Tsutsui pass over 20 other candidates for the highest crowned.

On 25 October evening, Miss International finals of Japan 2017 held in Tokyo (Japan). 23 beautiful people breaking when Natsuki Tsutsui was named Miss in position.

Moments received the crown from Miss predecessor Jyunna Yamagata.


Throughout the contest, expressed confidence Natsuki and smart. She is considered the outstanding candidate in the 22 first place prize beauties. This result also received sympathy from the Japanese public. Miss Tan was born in Tokyo, grew up in a children's care center. She sectoral Y. "It could be here, I thank so many people," she shared.


1.75 m high, good shape, Natsuki become Japan's representative at the Miss International 2017 takes place next year.


Miss the staging runner in the finale.



From inception to date, Japan has only one person crowned the international arena, which is Ikumi Yoshimatsu from Tosu. She received the title of Miss International 2012 and Miss Photogenic award.


By: Harris Martin