The attractive dishes with rice are nominated by travelers

Oct 16,2016
CNN introduces dishes made from rice are many tourists love, so readers send photos and votes.

Nasi lemak (Malaysia): This is a traditional rice dish of Malaysia, is cooked from rice and coconut milk, pineapple leaves. This dish is usually served with spicy sauce, fried fish, vegetables and peanuts. In addition, customers can request more fried eggs or meat. Photo: Babysumo / Instagram.

Myanmar-style pork stew (Portland, USA): rice dish with pork stew, eggs opla by Pauline Chan Lewis blogger posted photos really fascinating first sight. Photo: Pauline Chan Lewis / Instagram.

Biriyani (India): As rice dish mixed spices is very popular in India. Biriyani is usually served with chicken or lamb thoroughly processed. Photo: Madhu Shetty / Twitter.


Rice from organic (Philippines): Aiah Rivera, a Manila girl shared dishes organic cooked rice, served with vegetables and meat option, fish ... Food looks very attractive, especially for those who interested in organic food. Photo: Aiah Rivera / Twitter.

Hainanese chicken rice (Singapore): This is a traditional dish, not to be missed by many travelers to Singapore. Famous Hainanese chicken rice with chicken fragrant and soft, pungent spices unforgettable. Photo: Esther Kofod / Twitter.


Spanakorizo ​​(Greece): Vegetarian food but very attractive Greek. Dishes made mainly from rice and spinach, add squid and clams. Photo: Food Fun Travel Rocks / Instagram.

Flung Taiwan: Taiwan's sticky dish made in many ways, but a plastic bowl of sticky rice to eat with minced pork, a meat skewers and fish soup is a dish worth trying in Taiwan, according to blogger Eva Wang. Photo: Eatwitheva / Instagram.

By: Foster Gonzales