Sweet Valentine's Day Makeup

Jan 19,2017
Hey everyone! It's Valentine's Day in 7 more days! This is the look that I will have on when I go on a date with my hubby on Valentine's Day.

 It's a shimmery dolly look with bright pink blush... and bright coral pink eyeshadows.

Start by applying eye liner cream to cover the eyelid crease. Then apply the cream on the inside lining pink eyelids 3rd


Choose beige eyeshadows and dab on the middle part eyelids. Blend with pink.


Government outside 3rd eyelids with brown-red


Use a brush to comb dark brown section eyelid crease.



Back with beige eyeshadow brush blend. Beat until mixed two different colors. Add a bit of beige in the eye socket to highlight your eyes.


Now, hitting highlight the brow bone with white or very light nude. Blend together with beige on the eyelid crease.


Mascara and eyelash comb attached if you want. Use black eyeliner (or brown) painted rim portion upper eyelid and lower eyelid water.

Video Sweet Valentine's Day Makeup

By: Taylor Luca