Summer day, pastel colors makeup cool

Nov 20,2016
Gentle pastel makeup, pure, natural style Shyn favorite. According Shyn, make-up style is very easy to implement and apply.

Step 1:

First, use BB cream foundation to create a Poker Face subbase, smooth and natural. In particular, this BB drop of water should be very smooth lines, with all kinds of skin, minimizing the phenomenon of surface markers which are also quite stable coverage.
Step 2:

Next, use concealer to cover Y.E.T Flawless Liquid concealer dark circles under the eye area. Note that the correct portion cream dark circles and puffiness. Apply evenly and blend well using sponge into the lash line.

Step 3:

For oily skin, you can use talcum powder Silky Powder Y.E.T. This pollen type help contain the oil well, the thin, dry substrate makes paintings captured dust and more long-lasting make-up class.

Step 4:

In the eyebrow pencil, powder spread use feather light, the same color as your hair. Use a brush to coat mold and draw horizontal eyebrows. The tail should be darker eyebrows eyebrows a little early.


Then, using bright colors to broaching mascara for eyebrows look more natural.
Step 5:

The highlight of this concept is the eye shades, pinkish tones chosen not to beat up the entire emulsion eye elected. Then use a brush to accentuate the eyes with darker pink in the direction V, add a little at the beginning eyes.

Then, use an eyeshadow pale pink glosses, eye hitting the center helped elect more sparkling eyes. Use purple eyeshadow, hitting close look at the eyes and the lower eyelid 2/3. To finish eye color, chalk pale pink emulsion killers rest of the lower eyelid to the eyes are brighter.
Step 6:

Eye eyeliner from the tail first, pulling inward. For these you can eyelid eyeliner thick dark a bit as Shyn.

Mascara for eyelashes curved.

In the block type, focus type light volume on the nose, forehead and cheeks closely eye elected. Part dark block type in the nostrils, forehead hairline closely, cheek and chin line to face slimmer.
Step 8:

Use your blush color 3CE type 2, pale pink and beige tones mix together and blend well using a brush cheek


Step 9:

Apply a layer of lip balm, then use light orange pink lipstick to highlight lips, you can add one little lip gloss to plump lips.

Bright makeup for the girls femininity, gentleness. Good luck.


By: Tonado Joesy