Stores in Hong Kong still selling Note 7 for special price

Oct 25,2016
Samsung has stopped production and the recovery of the Galaxy Note 7 for the case of fire, but several stores in Hong Kong are still selling this smartphone.

Richard Lai, editor of technology site Engadget, posted on Twitter photos of the Galaxy Note 7 was sold at a store in Hong Kong at a price of "special".

Picture on Twitter of Richard Lai.

Currently unknown special rates that Richard comes to higher or lower than the amount prescribed Samsung, by he himself "did not dare ask."

Gray market, also called "portable", where legal trade electronic items but unofficial popular in Hong Kong. The shops here sell phones often do not guarantee lower prices at retail from 100-150 USD. Maybe this retail stores are holding a large number of the Galaxy Note 7 have not been returned.

The arrival of the Galaxy Note 7, "the fall" surprising with international journalists, but foreign to specific markets such as Hong Kong - where vendors sell phones like selling vegetables.

In Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the shop specializes in portable smartphone business is still selling the Note 7 presents the Korean version. We are not liable to pay Samsung's changed, so the number of machines in stock at the store are quite large and have been sold to collector demand.

By: Gonzalez Nelson