Star 'Spiderman' Tobey Maguire divorce after nine years of marriage

Oct 20,2016
On 18 October, information "Spider-Man" Tobey Maguire and wife divorce after nine years of marriage makes surprise fans and regret.

Tobey Marguire audiences know and love through successful role Spiderman. The happy marriage of the actor 41 years with jewelery designer Jennifer Meyer least two years old he also helped him continue to score points in the hearts of fans.

Many people admired the happy family life of Spider-Man movie star. Photo: Hollywood Life.


Tobey and Jennifer met in 2003 on the set of the movie Seabiscuit. April 2006, they engaged and welcomed daughter Ruby Sweetheart Maguire firstborn in November the same year. After 4 years together, the couple decided to hold a small wedding in Hawaii in late 2007. Spider-Man star Family members welcome 4th, Otis Tobias Maguire boy, after two years of marriage.

Family Tobey and Jenniefer be caught down the street with the children on the last day Sunday, 16.10. Photo: FlameFly.


The pair shared the decision to divorce: "After long thought and consideration, we agreed that it was time the marriage must stop. With the responsibilities of being a parent, the most important now is to ensure the upbringing and care of children. We still respect and consider each other as friends after breaking up. "

A source close to the Spider-Man movie star wife said the couple's marriage was cracked in a long time.

"The passage of time makes them realize oneself are all grown and hard to find harmony in family life. However, they have always encouraged and moral support to the enemy during the years, "the source said.

The source continued: "Tobey and Jennifer are good parents. Daughter Ruby and son Otis is their greatest love. The couple will do everything to ensure the lives of the children do not suffer affected by the breakup of his parents. "

After a divorce, 41-year-old actor still holds good relations with ex-wife friend.

By: Tonado Joesy