Spica Secret Time Makeup

Nov 27,2016
With the Spica Secret Time makeup for the night, you should focus on highlighting face with bright tones.



Step 1: wash your face, apply rose water and wait until dry. Then, using a BB or CC cream lining palm canopy used are cream. 

Coated foundation for the perfect face.


Step 2: For a party night to add highlights, we beat tone blue eyes sparkling. You draw a line from the corner of her eye eyeline must turn to the eyes as shown in Fig. 

Next hit the road eyeline blue eyes were guys



Step 3: The eyebrow. With this makeup tones, 

then we should use lighter colors eyebrow color tones normal tone of your eyebrows to create harmony for eyebrows


Step 4: With the party night, we chose the color red plum lipstick, help face brightened and more prominent in the party night


And you've got a perfect face for a Spica Secret Time I got you!

Video Spica Secret Time Makeup

By: Torres Peterson