Son Ye-Jin Inspired gel Nails

Jan 19,2017
Hey guys! Today my sister in law came over and wanted to do my nails, so I filmed her doing it!

It's the Son Ye-Jin nails that she has on throughout the whole episodes of the korean drama "SHARK". This deep french nail is extremely popular in Korea right now. I love gel polishes because they are super long lasting, but a downside to that is it's really hard to take off! I will just leave it on my nails until it grows out lol. My hands are constantly in water (washing bottles & doing dishes), so gel polishes are better for me since it won't chip off and very long lasting!

Step 1: Draw pink for little finger nail, then use the drawing tool dotting white polka dots on top.


Step 2: Negative with emulsion paint ball to the ring finger, then add 1 or 2 coats pink big grain emulsion paint to be the most beautiful.


Step 3: Negative painted white on the middle finger, the dot dotted with pale pink paint on it, finally, dotting tool used to draw the border with pink dots darker.


Step 4: Draw a dark pink nail to the index finger, the next, tapered brush head straight draw stripes painted pale pink plaid patterns to be charming.


Step 5: Negative white nail polish for the thumb, then drawn to the V-shaped pale pink paint to the upper half of the fingernails. Continue painting with paint texture V to 1/2 part dark pink pale pink nail. So there are two V-shaped motifs on the thumb already.


Step 6: Wait for nail polish on the toes dry, add 1 government continues to gloss over the nail on.


So you've completed this form and nail. Pink nail painted motifs are simple does not it. Along watching some pink nail form below.

Video Son Ye-Jin Inspired gel Nails

By: Turner Phillips