Skincare Routine 2017

Jan 19,2017
Hey guys! I wanted to keep you guys updated on my current skincare routine!

Cleanser has become a "partner" of us now. This love we used 2 times a day at morning, giving us the feeling of joy and contentment was unspeakable. Currently there are many cleansers on the market should choose a cleanser satisfied both easy and difficult.

The first rule when choosing a cleanser is: If cleanser that makes your skin feels dry taut, shiny and spotless kin kits, hiss hiss after use, then throw it right into the trash. Why not choose some kind of experience that is read by Kathy chosen cleanser.
A good bottle of cleanser and reserved the right for your skin will have the following effects: Cleaning the skin without drying skin feels taut and still moist smooth decent. If necessary, stop the foaming cleanser. Everyone knows foaming cleanser specifically for oily skin, combination skin with the aim of taking away all excess oil on the skin. This means that if you are not careful, the necessary amount of oil your skin will also be lost. Try to change to a creamy cleanser, milk form or non-foaming gel, your skin will thank you a lot.


If before you could not find a kind of response so that your money and then returned to restrict the natural side: oatmeal - not benign and impeccably good. Additionally, you can also research on methods of cleansing oil (Oil Cleansing Method) - only use natural oils to remove residue on the skin surface, safe and effective. Temporary methods also quite long and Mi new trial application should be written only after specific (but google welcome your curiosity).
Toner - also known as rose water, water balance - helps us to take away all the stains left after cleansing and moisture balance to the skin, moisturizers help promote greater efficiency. Kathy once wrote an article about the toner material for your reference. But its effect is not so terrible, but the toner is extremely important because sometimes we never know what my skin really clean or not, only taking up cotton dot toner and makeup remover wipes his face new know it. Besides, the toner also helps skin regain necessary moisture after cleansing. Ai no toner in your skin, then the buyer immediately go home.


Special treatment
Special treatment is stepped solve skin problems that you're having, is whitening, acne, pigmentation intensive treatment, add water to the skin, and yeah yeah yeah yeah. The products are diverse in this step because it is mainly based on your needs. In this step, you probably just one single product or product up to 2-3 perchance combination. And trouble is here. When there is so much to choose, we often do not know to choose anything, that is to choose from.

At this stage, the most basic products that you will need is a kind of special essences (also called serum / essence, is common in South ampoule form as well). You can see how to distinguish Essence / serum / ampoule for better understanding. So how to know if I should purchase certain types of special essences?
To answer this question there is no way other than to have to listen to your own skin what to say. There are people who just use one product is enough, there are people who have to use the 2-3. In general, special treatment in this step you should choose one type of serum / essence to resolve the skin condition (skin problems) you are experiencing. Take a good look in the mirror and you see your skin should improve on? Want toned and radiant skin more - Buy pure white support. Want to reduce blur multiple bruises - Buy pure white or nursing a bruise special essences. Dehydrated skin - buy pure water supply to the skin. Normal skin and to maintain focus lad - buy essences prevent aging.

You can start with one product before, if your skin needs extra status settlement does buy more. For example, you currently need to treat the bruise, and also want to prevent aging, then dab essence bruise treatment first and then to the anti-aging essences.
The majority of skin care oils suitable for all skin types because these products are very absorbent and dry skin very quickly. So you do not have interest in this kind of serum for your skin type or not, the concern is this serum improves your skin condition is good or not only.


Fortunately for all of us know the importance of moisturizing the skin, virtually everyone has a jar of moisturizer (moisturizer) for himself. The main task of the moisturizing products are retaining water in the skin, balance the water needs of the oil and the epidermal surface, protect skin from the effects of the environment. When the skin is well moisturized, skin elasticity will be better, since the aging process slower. There are many types of different moisturizing products, suitable for many skin types and needs of each person. Specifically, the current skin care products can be known with names such as lotion, emulsion, gel, cream.

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By: Young Hernandez