Skin care secrets of Olympic athletes

Aug 19,2016
Heavy training sports Schedules of the Olympic athletes did not allow them to multi-step skin care picky, but must used alternative methods.


For athletes Olympic gymnastics, keeping skin smooth as important as physical training. Understanding that fact, athletes who won two Olympic gold medals Gabby Douglas said she used a razor for hair removal every morning.

Besides, she also used almond oil and shea butter to moisturize the skin. At the same time, to get shiny skin, she used sugar, eucalyptus and honey to exfoliate, instead of the steps in skin care cosmetics picky.


Meanwhile, female athletes youngest Olympic US team, Sydney McLaughlin, said she only hair removal cream once in the morning before the game, both safe and save time.


Besides, she also regularly use waterproof mascara, to makeup unaffected throughout a long day, even in conditions of strong perspiration.


Katie Zaferes, 3 female athletes pentathlon said she used a razor for hair removal in the water, to just save time, just to avoid hurting the skin.


Besides, she uses a sunscreen instead of moisturizer to protect your skin every day.


Tori Bowie, athletic female athletes came from Mississippi to reveal secrets of skin care is simple, but effective. She said she often uses shea butter to help skin shiny, healthier.

Before and after the game, she is also full body massage with baby oil to soften the skin, while providing energy for muscles.

By: Hill Scott