Simple Smokey Eyes

Jan 19,2017
Another makeup tutorial for you guys! i tried to make this as simple as possible so it's easy to follow even for beginners!

The first thing you need to makeup is smoky eyeliner. It gives depth to the eyes and form a beautiful frame around the eyes. You need two palm trees:

1 to apply eyeshadow and another for use in darker colors. Here are the basic steps you have to be like the best smoky eyes.


Step 1: Eyeliner is an important step in the foundation and eye makeup. For those new best makeup should use black eyeliner pen, brown, gray.


And should only eyeliner on, guys along the border between the eyes but the darker beat. Try to keep it thin and not misleading. This is also the "foundation" for a seductive smoky eyes.



Step 2: Use your favorite color to judge the entire background color eye shadow. It helps the eyes appear larger, deeper and more sensual. 


Mark Shadow on the corner of the eyelids and spread slightly inward until it looks natural gradation from light shades last night. 


You should also be covered with a little dark eyeshadow above the eyelid crease but so that the two colors blend well to mix.



Step 3: Brush mascara. The point is that you should start from your feet and has just rotate tree brush mascara brush upward until the entire length of lashes. 

My eyes wide when mascara to avoid dirty.

Step 4: To perfect smoky eyes using eyeliner under the eye contour mi look sharper.

Video Simple Smokey Eyes

By: Turner Phillips