Shu Uemura Shupette Collection

Jan 19,2017
Hey guys! I got to do another fun collab with Shu Uemura! This time I got to create a cat look using their new holiday "Shupette Collection" by Karl Lagerfeld.

I wanted to do a quick video showing you guys some of the products from this collection because it's so cute... plus I wanted to show which products I used to create my look (which will be up on the Shu Uemura website soon!). The giveaway information is down below! You can enter both giveaways to win the WHOLE Shupette collection! Good luck!

Shu Uemura Brightening UV Chroma Cushion Blanc officially on shelves from March this year, at the time quite late while others are cosmetic company has its own line of cushion for their cult. However, Shu Uemura cushion there are differences and be labeled as "smart cushion" rhetoric traditionally rare in other products of the same type.


Intelligent Design

Product looks very simple, unsophisticated and basic shape of the usual cushion box. However, the biggest difference is the mattress helps control grid each press of cream sponge, foam pads than rampant, steamy cream of South Korea lines cushion, mattress Shu Uemura help you maximum savings amount of cream every time of need. Besides being spread very soft sponge, smooth surfaces like wool has good elasticity, can effectively cover the skin that is not blurry.


Looking through the ingredients list, you can see Shu Uemura Cushion contains many ingredients such as glycerin lotion helps to soften the skin, blueberries Vietnamese fruit extracts, corn, mint, lemon ... help fight skin aging. Pyridoxine HCL also - another name of Vitamin B6 has antibacterial. Resorcinol and Ascorbyl Glucoside are two components to help increase skin radiance. Besides the physical sunscreen ingredients titanium dioxide to protect the skin from UV rays impact.

Using different

Unlike all other kinds of water chalk, you must use Shu Uemura Brightening UV Blanc Chroma Cushion by manipulating "miles and glide". That is, after taking the cream from miles chalk tray, you do not need continuous miles on the skin that just surfing the sponge onto the surface of the skin to spread the cream evenly over face, using this kind a foundation creams other traditional but "not a whole" compared with the Korean cushion.



Natural substrate does not shine

The biggest difference between Japan and South Korea cushion the ball, but the tension is the product brings. If Korean popular style makeup style stretch substrate even greasy ball as many oily skin shed by Shu Uemura, the cushion that is abstinence. Cushion bring semi-matte finish layer (semi-li), dry quickly to natural substrates such as leather, smooth, bright without too oily.



Children overlay capabilities of the average level not as high as the traditional type of foundation. Shu Uemura Brightening UV Blanc Chroma Cushion cover may well flushed skin, acne nodules are small and fast color. Thanks to a very mild creamy texture should feel heavy on the skin not completely comfortable.


Colors and scents

Shu Uemura palette Chroma Blanc Brightening UV Cushion includes 6 colors with the color code red tones 5 head, while the head color code number 7 has more gold tones.




Besides the product line fever each of Shu Uemura creamy foam liner, foundation or lipstick line hard-hit, the cushion its latest sensation can bring new experience for you. With design and usage along with the quality difference is not inferior to any certain type of cushion, Shu Uemura Brightening UV Chroma Cushion Blanc also deserve a place in your makeup bag.

Video Shu Uemura Shupette Collection

By: Torres Peterson