Shu Uemura Metallic Collection

Jan 19,2017
Hey guys!!!! I wanted to show you guys the new Shu Uemura Metallic Collection!

Every week, every month passes, the beauty market with the new items and I would "change of heart". Can I have a lot of lipstick, blush a lot, a lot of balm different vendors. Only one thing that I use every day, faithfully 3 this year unchanged: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil.

For those who every day make-up, apply sunscreen, drawing eyeliner and red lipstick as me, makeup remover is something almost vital. Everyone says my skin "healthy", almost nothing new cosmetics I also try to cheer her own skin, and yet never get to do. 


But to me, cosmetics now has gone very far. If you do not mix the cream, makeup unknown origin, if you invest in beauty products with famous brand labels, your chances of allergies because the product is very low. Higher possibility after makeup is done, you did not wash your face? Regular cleanser can not be bleached out. Just after cleansing, apply toner you use cotton balls to the face that shows rise dirty cotton is understood he had not thoroughly clean the skin surface. Irritation, acne, enlarged pores is from here that out.

Wash your face with oil concept is new and different. Oil has not become a new trend in beauty today. Everything I heard about Cleansing Oil Shu then: "Rinse well. Feeling like it "," very relaxing herbal smell ", and" Do you still buy bottled Singapore gay party to the bath anymore. " And after buying a bottle of yellow trial small, I had to stick with Shu until today. Each year this brand for the collection limited edition: the artist do with kimono Mamechiyo, the Unmask, the Ob. Recently they released a new line: Anti / oxygen anti-dullness skin cleansing oil refining, oil and makeup remover anti-oxidation, anti-yellowing of the skin and purify pure flower extract contains moringa oleifera (Moringa) and green tea.

In the oil flow, the peak is Ultime8 Shu made from 8 herbal oils. The aroma, the texture of each drop of oil, cleaning ability and feeling after washing of Ultime8 completely different, worthy of the price.
Shu makeup remover oil (or any other category of oil and other brands), remember:
- Carefully read the manual before use. You can search on youtube for video tutorials Shu detailed the oil to avoid misuse.
- If you're wondering Shu oil has so many colors, with their color, do not hesitate to go to the counter for advice Shu.


- No need to rinse with cleanser after using Cleansing Oil Shu.
- Finally, when traveling, please extract the oil from the bottle to the tiny travel-size bottles to carry. Cleansing away but forgot it was a disaster.
A beautiful skin must first be a clear skin. A beautiful makeup also originate from deep cleansing. Happy cleansing. "

Video Shu Uemura Metallic Collection



By: Taylor Luca