Secret supercar treasure of Aston Martin

Oct 25,2016
History museum store Aston Martin is the rarest cars, more significant in the history of 103 years of existence. It is less widely known than placed in remote rural areas


Built in 1998 and formally put into operation in 2002, Aston Martin Heritage Museum is the repository of the legendary cars of Aston Martin and the club who owns Aston Martin (Aston Martin Owners Club - AMOC ).

This is the exhibit space or special versions of cars with historical significance of Aston Martin in the 103 years of its existence.

Museum store since ancient car of Aston Martin.

Whether it's a popular place, but Aston Martin Heritage Museum is located in a street back from the 14th century, the river in the village astride zone Midlands Drayton St. Leonard (England) - a place very hard to find.

The only signs that can help you find the museum is an indication plaque placed near the fork. According to curator Donna Bannister, previously, each year the museum welcomed 100 visitors. After obtaining signage, visitor numbers have increased by about 100 people per month.

This museum is a real treasure for those who love the brand Aston Martin.


A3 born in 1921 is the oldest Aston Martin remains.

Hit with visitors when they walk into the Aston Martin roadster to A3 1921. This is also the oldest Aston Martin remains. It was acquired from an auction in 2000 and was restored with the help of Sheik Nasser - former Prime Minister of Kuwait, a loyal fan of the Aston Martin.

"It Kop Hill won in 1923," Bannister said. "And recently we have brought it back to that place, in Windsor Concours d'Elegance exhibition".

In addition, there is a 684 Ulster life BLB 1934, the only remaining configuration. Ulster still works well and the members of the AMOC can hire to run. But one thing to note is very difficult to control the car by clutch pedal in the middle, while the foot pedals and located on either side wins.

These modern supercars like the One-77 is also present in the museum.
Inside, you'll see more glass shelves displaying a collection of model cars, trophies, posters and especially the image of the AMOC member, former CEO ... All images by Roger Stowers, employee of Aston Martin for decades preserved.

Also, Stowers was kept picture of the early Aston Martin with 70 workers are working and they have a tradition of applause every time a completion.

In this museum also has an Aston Martin Vantage is built on the chassis of the DB6, the No. 2 in the 70 units produced. It is an anomaly in the transition phase of legendary manager David Brown (DB characters in later models are grateful to him).

Bannister said the museum is in need of the DB4, DB5 and DB6 to complete the historical period of the Aston Martin. Besides, the members of the AMOC also promised to donate their Aston Martin for museums as possible.

By: Garcia Martinez