Review Dior addict lip glow color reviver balm

Nov 22,2016
Who do they compliment compliment, me, I particularly like the packaging of Dior Addict shell finish.

The answer is definitely following 3 things: sunscreen - eyebrow pencil - lip balm. In any process of care for all "corners" of the face, I feel the care of the lips seems easiest: you just need to find a lip balm tree, swipe a couple of puffs, if it is summer noting that lipstick with SPF ... that's it!

Better luck, my lip balm cocoon. Almost any nursing her son was also used, and 10 firms, up to 7.8 used his company is very satisfied! It is because the lips 'facile', so I did not too picky and lip balm are rarely take the time to invest in a lip balm plants too expensive at all. Today, on the occasion of the high-end lipstick nursing his first running low, your child will review it in detail to you.


A name that did not alien to those who love cosmetics: Lip Glow Color Reviver Dior Addict Balm.

Packaging: Shell lipstick typical nursing home Dior Addict line: big, square into sharp, company name embossed on the lip and lightweight body shell, lightweight, somewhat paradoxically with the somewhat cumbersome shell of his brother . 


Texture: Lipstick and open the lid when you buy the quality looks very solid, if somewhat dry lips apply. Delicious sweet aroma, after application to the lips, then leave the cool feeling very pleasant. Some time after use, it seems a bit prone to flow out a little bit - partly because his or toss in a bag and throw excavations in the trunk when the machine working again.

Currently the company has for the next orange pink traditional version.

Ingredients: The main components of this child is Mango Butter to moisturize the lips and Loofah Extract (loofah) effective moisturizing and healing wrinkles on the lips.

Price: The price is very expensive. I buy in Hanhstore with price 680k, other places throughout priced 700-750k depending shop. The time you enter the lot and this is quite common but at the cost of more than half a million for a lip balm you indeed are too expensive! Many of you read my review also make overseas sales Sephora $ 32 but the price on me it was $ 33.


Like I said, I do not consider caring for the environment because their lips quite as "easy". Frankly, if normal, I never bought a balm tree that such prices to 700k! But I was so hot that period, the more you enter the extremely and read the full review should be commended his positive also ventured out to buy it out of corn chips like?!? Right back session should get bonuses for crashing out vibrate, buyers also do not see much mercy.


I must say that my design it is quite certain, however slight lip slightly thicker crust and "superficial" too. The color of lipstick casing is very feminine, "dirt cake", so it is extremely easy to conquer the girls already! Not to mention the name Dior is a brand enough to ensure product quality, but you could never buy rumbling racing.

I moisturize it pretty, pleasant cool the lips. It just hit me that hard a swing at all rosy lips were also very natural, then, to type up lipstick lip color anymore, it looks clear. More importantly, true to the meaning "glow" of his brother, after you will find carmine lips became thinner. Is not fat fat berry bubble style as many other drugstore lip balm children, berry acceptable standard style, pleasing berry! =]]


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The lip contour, lip wrinkles will immediately be "filled" to see clearly, combined with the color pink lipstick to make your lips become very pretty cut and feminine. I support it quite well, about 4-5 hours of not eating what they see needs reapplied, unlike many other children lip balm is just about 2 hours and saw dry lips! :(

Except the price is too expensive for a lip balm children, I have a downside it is huge and amortization extremely fast! And used his brother bought it from the start in March, but only now beginning May I correct it was only this once?!? Chen never make her life feel like using lip balm that is "eating son" like that!

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By: Tonado Joesy