Review and swatch matte Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

Nov 1,2016
Her hard-line cream matte Kardashian brothers have yet to show signs of cooling down, the newly launched lip colors are in a state completely sold out.

In addition to 3 colors appeared at the end of last year, Kylie Jenner continued to "drip" each other lip colors makes you more enjoyable.

1. Design Kylie Jenner Lip Kit - 6 points

Design pretty long cylindrical lipstick mascara varieties. With this design does stand out from the lip cream packets of other carriers. In return, the lip tissue box cover is quite stunning. With lips blurred picture Tiny son enjoyed doing. Also with this cylindrical design, easy grip creamer lids back on his son when long-term use. Makes lipstick looks very dirty and are consumed son anymore. This is the most common characteristics for all types of lip cream, lipstick and lip kit Kylie also not slightly better than the rather how...


Enclosed is the first lip lip liner pencil tree with color tone with lipstick, this is the first point of Kylie Jenner is very psychological. Because to be 1 lipstick cream bowl packets are beautiful, the lip liner pencil is an indispensable dish. Why then would you read the better understanding of dental son. Lip liner pencil tree is also very popular design, nothing attractive. But also inconvenient add 1 broaching the form of lead, rather than a swing. Broaching is to max out, but the lingering drowsiness fractured lead early, as waste is inevitable híc híc


2. On the substance of lip cream Kylie Jenner packets Lipstick - 6.5 points

Price as of lip cream lip kit Kylie packets are kept forever as new Tiny dab it always ready for 100 points. But that is very very very sorry ... that after applying lipstick range is 1 minute to dry up. Free environment created countless speaking, generally how much lip defect is born out clean crockery.

Lipstick substances extremely soft, smooth and silky. Glide lightly on the lips when carmine. You can hit the lip with lip brush is still very ok, very easy to spread lipstick. 1 in part because he has available lip liner should carmine is easy, here's the good in that its design section above.

Because packets of cream lipstick dry very fast, almost after 3 seconds of lip begins to dry up. So if there was lip pencil to outline before, the carmine will become difficult. But you do not worry, because the lipstick with lip pencil that together.


The quality of the very soft lip pencil, lip wax Tiny feel like more. If that does not like carmine cream you can use lip pencil alternative to lipstick always was.

This lipstick is resistant to water, food and non-sticky glasses, orgasm for you to use lipstick Lip Kit Kylie to go party. But you also have to be careful, because the nature of difficult drift lip cream packets, but 1 when drifting is it patchy and not drift off lip. Or slight drift slightly as other types where dental lip. So remember when you finish eating the miles to be patchy lipstick lips lest not be pretty.


In short substances are ok but hard floating lip vermilion lips were currently too many cons, how to use it. Use lip lipstick is to help the beautiful and the ugly mask of the lips, behind the lip to show up all the stops out for rùi used always, did not you?

3. Lip Kit Kylie lipstick palette - 7.5 points

With 21 color lip palette, it is enough for you to choose the color that compliments your lifestyle. But environmental interests and downs of her brown eyes, so Kylie has made almost all shades of lip cream Lip Kit Kylie packets that are nude tones. Only 2, 3 tone color red is also how many things are naked and purple all. For Europe - US, which is really appropriate palette 1, but for Asians, the table her lipstick Lip Kit Kylie is almost inappropriate.


Like lipstick review today Tiny, Tiny is colored Dolce K. see also interested, if users go out to a party or gatherings need bold makeup is quite ok, but you said Tiny hihi most varieties. Generally the color is due to preference, so for 7.5 Tiny Tiny points of interest. Kylie just hope the latter will be more colorful coral tones than to the Asian girl we can hustle a few children.

4. The smell of lipstick

As always, this section does not give points Tiny, because the smell of each person rùi preference. Tiny does not smell like lipstick, so if the Tiny dots for this lip 5 points. Because kylie jenner lip lipstick smell pretty sweet candy is the concentration, applied and then a 5-minute odor gone.


5. The color of lip stick - 8 points

Lip stick color is quite good, if not dining out 5h. But if eating carmine that they must be careful, because all that will fly lip peeling, patchy on the lips ... It's hard to describe the "found seats" that hihi. And because the lip cream packets so you do not carmine lips are heart, only 1 single is a dab dab full lips. With this dab of lip color makes high grip than others. Tiny quite like this lipstick lip point whether packets, lip stick long but still smooth, not dry, not annoying very ok.


6. The ability to color of lipstick - 8 points

Lip color is not right with photos on the web, nor true to yourself son. Quality after applying lipstick to her lips somewhat darker than the lipstick itself Games 1 or 2 tones. Particularly the lead-up lip color plants are fairly standard, according to Tiny saw trees always colored lip pencil and lipstick better than ice cream. Tiny trees prefer full lips lead to better apply.

But in return lipstick on the lips quite beautiful, color Tiny also saw its own beauty. Several European tan skin that you use these colors are great too.


Video Review and swatch matte Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

By: Feedy Jonhson