Ready to go party with fast-neat hairstyle-light

Nov 24,2016
This hairstyle always gives every girl elegance and attractive.

Although in her classic beauty - vintage but so far, floating hairstyle glamorous Veronica always ranked number one honor hairstyle elegance, charm while not losing looks out modern and your personality.

Veronica's beauty hairstyle can help you stand out in any party, milestone when combined with a chic dress, feminine.

Now, you can also create your own hairstyle at home with the following basic items:
- Hair curling machine
- Combs, chopsticks, hair clips, clamps toothpick
- Hairspray


Step 1:
Start at the nape hair by hair clips to rest on top section. Head 1 chopstick use to divide each layer are hair. You take one small curls, thick hair spray are brushing up and downstream.


Step 2:
Wrap the hair around the curling bar. Wait until you see our hands on hot hair, the hair removed. Note, then you should not touch them to avoid losing sticky.


After bending small curls around hair-raising section, you remove each layer in turn hair down, hair clips to the remaining part upwards and bending each similar curls.


Finish step perm with curls at the top of the head.


Step 3:
Wait until the temperature of the lock of hair reduced to the locks, you are combing hair down


After combing, the hair becomes wavy bob with glamor.


Step 4:
To face the morning and opened the sensual contours of the face, you get 1 small 1 side curls hair, tucked behind the ear and fixed wing swab with forceps.


With just a few simple steps, you can already confidently ready to appear in the first night of the party with a completely new appearance - attractive and charming.


Video Ready to go party with fast-neat hairstyle-light

By: Tansania Alia