Pony's Beauty Diary - Single Eyelid Makeup

Nov 22,2016
For her an eyelid, makeup is always a great tool to help you be able to "makeover" with big round eyes full of charm.

Step 1: Mark foundation and concealer

Whatever the makeup area too, the first steps that people need to do when making a big eye makeup that is applied foundation and concealer around the eye area to make sure there is perfect substrate as well as cover the weaknesses are not worth more than his eyes.

According to the "witch make-up" sharing "thinner substrates, naturally be able to keep the chalk layer throughout the day, otherwise your eyes will only be able to maintain the beauty in about a short time"


Step 2: Eye Makeup elected

First, you should use a little palm color their favorite eyeshadows spread over the entire sky light eyes. Then use a brush to spread are V-shaped and extends toward the eyes.


However, if the desired depth and big eyes looks more attractive, you should use light brown coffee or milk to get the best results.

Eye makeup rated elected thanks to light brown eyes


Step 3: Double eyelid contour


When it comes to eye makeup can not ignore the eyelids liner step because this is the highlight help look big round eyes, sharper and more prominent.

With the upper eyelid, you should use a black pencil murderer eyelids and slightly upward pull the eyes to eyes looked to be sharper. With your lower eyelid should use light colored pencil and eyelid rim 2/3 guys from the corner of her eye to eye tail to make the big round eyes and no sense of being eye dark circles. When combined way guys eyelid contour ensures you'll possess big eyes, sparkling and attractive, but not everyone knows.


Step 4: Attach the eyelash

Eyelashes but did not fit the preferred her nature. However, with a large, eye makeup very suitable by eyelashes helps fool vision and help people facing big round eyes look more prominent.


First, you should choose natural eyelash short 2 long sides and then set up in the middle of the eyelid to estimate and use scissors to cut off the excess so that when mounted eye eyelashes retains natural features Best.

Step 5: Clamp and mascara eyelid

Clamp and mascara but the last step, but also keep an extremely important part in the application of eye makeup to by this step will help mi truth and eyelashes that you've made in the above steps are merged together so that all, the most beautiful.


Note: You should be in the form zigzag mascara from the ground up to ensure no lumps mi and most natural.

Above is revealed to the eye makeup of "Wizards of South" - Pony hope to help the girls somewhat better understanding and know how to apply makeup for your eyes become more glitter, more attractive. 


However, the makeup for eyes is only a temporary solution and is effective in a very short time. Therefore, if desired quickly possess big round eyes 2 eyelid, lasting aesthetic but still ensure the safety factor, you can learn and refer to methods of high-tech aesthetic eye hit eyelid forever to get the results you want.


Video Pony's Beauty Diary - Single Eyelid Makeup

By: Gray Ramirez