Pony's Beauty Diary - All About Dry Skin, Dewy Make-Up

Nov 22,2016
A parched skin, lifeless cause you trouble a lot in makeup steps background.

Step 1: With parched skin, the first thing to do is to use daytime moisturizing lotion to the skin.


After applying lotion on a number of points on the surface, and spread your fingers and lightly massage the entire face to cream quickly penetrates into the skin, leaving it softer and smoother.


Step 2: After using the moisturizer is complete, you can use a piece of wax paper to dry absorbent skin, avoid oily skin after using the cream.

Step 3: You choose Foundation with natural tones and the most realistic skin.

Put an ice cream at some point on the face and hands and spread to help smooth skin.

With darker skin on the face, such as puffiness, nostrils or some defects as acne scars, bruises, you can use the Foundation lighter natural skin color to the face is bright and evenly colored.

Step 4: Use a light dabbing Foundation in the dark whore on his face, gently smudge to foundation quickly absorbed into the skin, creating a natural color, bright one.

Step 5: With the dark spots or acne scars, use concealer pen concerler, lightweight and compact real slow on the acne bruises.

Step 6: To scars concealer is not exposed, you use powdered chalk marker, lightly dab concealer previous section, to help sink the colors are natural and smooth.

Above are the adornments perfect foundation for dry skin. You try applying these tips on makeup in it this weather! Surely you'll be happy as a light skin smooth, toned and parched.



Pony's Beauty Diary - All About Dry Skin, Dewy Make-Up


By: Tonado Joesy