Pearl Pigment volume Lip Makeup

Nov 27,2016
Petal berry lips are always trendy. It's a great way to instantly alter your image, not to mention the lips are one of the best attractions on the female face.

So why do not we take advantage of this weapon?


For a petal berry lips, you need:
a little loose powder
your favorite lipstick
skillful hands

Step 1: First of all with your fingers a little dab foundation on the lips.


Step 2: Next, use lip brush a thin layer of loose powder hit. This chalk layers which helps lip color stability after application.

 Step 3: There are several ways to have personality lips. You can use a prominent lip colors or if you prefer something a little different, try two different lip colors. Dark colored lipstick on her lower lip and paler in the upper lip. Or if you prefer the color that stands out but just wanted to felt mild, dab a little finger in between the lips lip and then spread them out all lips.


Step 4: After finish lipstick type, for efficient color lipstick, lips pursed you gently on a paper towel to absorb excess lipstick.

Step 5: And here ... a ripe lips, seductive inviting kiss!


Video Pearl Pigment volume Lip Makeup 

By: Taylor Luca