Palette + Smokey Eye Tutorial

Jan 19,2017
Hey guys! I decided to make a tutorial using the cute VDL palette that bought me from Korea!!! Such a cute palette!


Step 1: Eyeliner is a fundamental step is also critical in eye makeup. It is the array block in the eye makeup. 

For those of you new makeup, it is best to use black eyeliner pen, brown or gray. And keep on eye liner, eyeliner but those along the middle section will beat darker. 

If you want to use more colors, use those colors as purple, dark green, blue. Do not be frustrated if the stroke is not perfect. Let's try to keep it so thin and not misleading. 


Step 2: Use color eye shadow light you love to hit the entire background color for eye shadow. Light-colored eye shadow to strike first, then use darker colors but similar to the color and tone of your hair color.


It will help your eyes appear larger, deeper and more sensual components. 


Note truth are applied across the entire sky hand on eyes. Each professional makeup artist has their own version of the smoky eye makeup, so there are many variations to choose from. 

With eyelids smoke your own, then you can use blue, purple, green or yellow is the color co matching personal preferences of your own. 


- Step 3: Shadow over the corners of the eyelids and spread + light inwards until the transfer of natural colors from bright shades last night. Use brush to brush one little bright eye shadow in the lower eyelid to follow eyeliner.


- Step 4: Finally, you bending Lashes with mascara brush to have a curved and thicker lashes. When combined with smoky eye makeup this charming, choose light peach blush to make the face brighter, increasing the prominence for deep eyes. 



The media section also choose neutral colors such as nude or pink color and then add 1 part to complete layer of gloss is enough can "knock out" any public gaze!. Above is a smoky eye makeup Korea attracted to the girls love makeup Korea. Refer now to create their own fascination.

Video Palette + Smokey Eye Tutorial 

By: Torres Peterson