Natural glamor makeup as Jeon Ji Hyun

Nov 19,2016
Learning style of her makeup Cheon Song Yi will help you with the natural beauty charismatic.

The next step makeup can help you show off the beauty of natural, feminine and charismatic Cheon Song Yi as his!

Step 1:
Perform facial makeup for smooth and natural.

You slather lining (primer) spread over the face to moisturize the skin and protect skin from the effects of the sun as well as to keep the makeup after long-lasting durability and more. Dot concealer (concealer) around the dark circles under the eyes, the blob acne or dark areas on the skin. Using a brush (or finger) are spreading.


Canopy light base (foundation) to the area between the nose as the chin, forehead and cheeks to highlight 2. Then, spread cream dark background in the rest of the areas of the forehead, around the jaw and neck to create naturally glowing skin are perfect.


Use a dark background cream used on long-haul round canopy 1 2 sides of muzzle to muzzle natural high as Song Yi.

Government are makeup (powder) to the entire face and neck area to complete facial makeup. Foundation will help with a layer above the background and create long-lasting radiant skin smoother.


Step 2:
Use chalk brown eyebrow pencil and brush (can be replaced by brown eyeliner) to draw and shape eyebrows reshaped so that the straight eyebrows, thick and naturally as Song Yi.


Step 3:
Begin eye makeup steps by advocating are the cream (or powder eyeshadows) orange light brown light emulsion eye for the lower layer.


Then, spread the pink eyeshadow natural orange up around the eyelids.

Gel eyeliner black eyeliner and use markers eyeliner (eyeliner) to draw the eyes. Note you guys the tail eyes downwards 1 small piece, not curved like eyecat pushed to create the look seems natural and feminine.


Emulsions yellow chalk lines around her eyes canopy 1 and light brown eyeliner under the eyes who first line to create deep eyes and shinier.

Step 4:
To add bright faces and full of life, you will hit your cheeks pink with orange chalk around two sides of cheek.



Step 5:
Favorite lip colors Cheon Song Yi is the natural tones and bright neon. So you should choose orange neon pink lip gloss and paint the lips pale. Son will just work moisturize lips but also bring color harmony and glamor to the face.




Natural makeup style can coordinate with any outfit all the time because they retain the natural beauty of your face, the crown just looks gentle, feminine and charming.

Natural glamor makeup as Jeon Ji Hyun

By: Youth Alexander