My Winter Makeup Routine

Jan 19,2017
This is currently my "goto look" this winter season! It's very quick and easy! Enjoy! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Hey guys!!!! Finally a makeup tutorial for y'all! I was reading the comments from my previous video (december favorites) and a lot of people were requesting for the eye makeup tutorial that I had on that day.

Are you looking for an impressive makeup, novelties besides the makeup neutral tones like how her safety else? Diva Review suggest makeup under yellow tones are much loved contract this year. Note that you should only choose 1 of 4 types are introduced below ok, do not combine them at the same time it will backfire.



Lip Makeup

First you must exfoliate lips very carefully because of how much attention will be flocking to your lips. Then, you mix a bronze powder emulsion with a colorless lip balm and lip using a brush dedicated to first hit a thin layer all over lips.



After the first layer is dry, add a second layer type. This time you can adjust the thickness of the product on the environment depending on the highlights you want to attract people.




Eye Makeup


After hitting a perfect background layer, you need makeup dark eyebrows last section long and thick eyelashes, to shape for the eyes more prominent part emulsion.


Using chalk as honey creamy yellow to copper parts are elected is considered the natural eye.

Get Lucky Colour eyeshadow pop


You have to spread pollen quickly before the dry blend well lead to difficulty.

A special feature of this type of makeup is dramatic cat eyes will be clicking below instead eyelid eyelid on as usual. Finally finishing by broaching mi mi thick in both the upper and lower lids.



Cheek makeup

First you must choose a gel cream with lightweight texture of the skin permeable to air quickly with chalk mixed emulsion into liquid gold. Use cotton canopy beautyblender cheeks spread evenly over the golden effect is extremely outstanding.




Hair styling

If you possess a personality tém hair, try this for your hair styling. First you mix yellow chalk with hair cream emulsion used. Use reverse to comb the mixture is applied evenly across the board.

So you've completed personality hairstyle with only 2 simple steps there.

Video My Winter Makeup Routine

By: Rose Julia