My Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Jan 19,2017
I finally filmed my everyday makeup tutorial that so many of you guys have been waiting for!

This is my "everyday" makeup that I wear out almost everywhere and on majority of my youtube videos. Hope you guys enjoy it!



Apply foundation on the back of his palm and then use brushes real stars are all over your face

Apply concealer to dark areas of faces or places you want to hide, then use brush are spread all over the face.


As stated above, dry skin, then you can skip this step and the next step is always carried out. As for oily skin, you need to beat up all over the face with loose powder.

- You need to define the exact beginning and end points of eyebrows: using lead man leaning up on the side of the nose, measured vertically upward, parallel to the nose to help identify the point of beginning. 

Using those connections lead from the nostrils to the corners of her eyes to determine the end point of the eyebrow.
- Use of lead paint on 2/3, the direction from the start point of the brow. With the remaining 1/3 is drawn downward slightly toward the end of the brow.

- You can use a makeup brush then colored to blend well around the eyebrows
Note: Need to draw disproportionately 2 eyebrows


- Take up vote eye cream dots and cream evenly with your fingers out
- If that wants deeper eyes are brown chalk canopy 1 bit to the eye socket

- 1 eyelid killer leg very thin line
- Use the palm canopy over the road just seems natural to draw eyes
- Use extra clamps to clamp press eyelids eyelids slightly curved one eye will add softness
- Get your extra for curved mascara to broaching mi



- Met again you will see one line from the corner of his mouth to the ear down
- Mark chalk along the parotid sunken up about 1/3 of passage
- If the nose is low, you can use makeup brushes nose at 2 side, this will help higher nose



- Use blush brushes, are such that it's canopy hinge with pastel background is considered on the skin. In order to better your cheeks 1 little smile when the rouge.


- You should brush layer of moisturizing lip 1 before proceeding to beat lipstick
- One part in the middle of the lower lip then use your hands out to the sides evenly and then click again on the same medium for all.

Video My Everyday Makeup Tutorial 

By: Tonado Joesy