My Daily Autumn Makeup 2017

Jan 19,2017
Hey guys! Here is a look I’ve been enjoying lately as my daily autumn look this year! Enjoy!

Autumn has moved on and the cold weather. Say goodbye to the brilliant style make-up of summer and get acquainted with elegant makeup for fall offline. This makeup style appropriate to go to work, just fit to go out, so you can rest assured this area make up classes all day without changing.

Main colors of the make-up styles are russet brown, purple ash, ash pink blend together harmoniously 1. These tones will make your face glow but very gentle, elegant.



Use a primer first layer spread on the face. Just focus on the forehead, nose, chin to cover the pores.



Use hand cream striped background, then use the tip vibrated cream



Spray 1 mineral layer on the face and then coated using the 2nd foundation to create blocks for the


Use liquid concealer dark spread to the skin around the eyes, then use concealer on acne cream dots (if any)


Canopy covered with chalk powder on the face. This will help the skin to control oil. Then use a brown bowl ds eyebrows



3 eye color design used together. Pink gold emulsion as background for the entire eye elected from among elected eye to eye corner. Sepia employees outside eyes. Purple ash to create chevron in the eyes and below the eye contour.


Awl black eyeliner pencil and pen in eyeliner that does not smudge eyeliner outside. Prolonged strokes in the eyes ticket. Draw the outline of the lower eyelid




Use orange peach blush gently. Use a gentle waving of palm Dedicated cheek to cheek trying not too bold but still blushing face gently

Use lip color "dusty rose" (which is for the rose leaf color) to lipstick. Car broom lips closed and then took a sack of excess lipstick on lips


VideoMy Daily Autumn Makeup 2017

By: Turner Phillips