Multi Use Eye Makeup

Nov 27,2016
Beige eye shadow, pink glosses copper powder eyeliner eyes water / skin white eyeliner eyebrow pencil brown emulsion, or color matching your hair and glue.


How naturally beautiful eye makeup:

Step 1: For those who just know the note diemt page should not choose too bright pastel colors such as purple, blue ... but choose the color bright pastel colors, making eyes always more brilliant and big round. First you use a beige colored eyeshadow coverage over the entire eye, according to the dotted line as shown below you are using a brush spreading out and spreading pollen really are.


Step 2: After spreading pollen, you continue to use chalk striped pink glosses part eyelids and the lash line makes darker color on your feet.


The way most natural eye makeup - Scattering chalk on eyelashes


Step 3: Use eyeshadow color accenting contract to build depth to the eyes. Use bronzer brush canopy over the upper eyelid between the pupil between the end of the tail pull down eye (on the line below the figure). You should brush your eyelids pulled out a bit to make up the charm and makes your eyes look bigger.


Step 4: Double eyelid, use eyeliner eyelid draw a line very long and accurately from the first corner until the eyes (the line at the head and tail piece, wide in the middle, also known as the area near the cool). Note: For small or large round eyes, the key is in the eyes, if you guys more eye-piece tail section is in the eye gets bigger, better and vice versa is also a key part of the eye makeup we introduce to you.


Step 5: Eyes done, you use copper eyeshadow on the eyelids spread a little less, about 1/3 of the eyelid pulled toward the eyes. This approach will create attractive focal point for your eyes. Scattering chalk up the lower eyelid of the eye



Step 6: For your eyes natural beauty and glitter, you should use white pen light and slowly fill up in the first half of your lower eyelid. How do your eyes look very deep and wonderful light capture. How naturally beautiful eye makeup

 - Use a white pencil lightly on the eyelid bowl

Step 7: You attach false eyelashes on, if you have a pair of long and beautiful lashes, then skip this step. How is the eye makeup was done, you just need to pay attention to his little eyebrows again is okay. You draw eyebrows very standardized and match the color is eye makeup. Menus simple makeup - makeup eyebrow


Such is the beauty of this forum we introduce you 7 simple steps to perform before eye makeup, nothing difficult is not it, too simple, too great. 

Video Multi Use Eye Makeup 

By: Tonado Joesy