Modern and ancient life in Japan

Oct 24,2016
The hustle of modern life taciturn alternating strokes, sauntered past the Japanese make is always

Interesting destination for many tourists.

Cherry blossom petals fall on the canal.


A civil servant hurried home in the rain at night.


Unique modern architecture in a building.


These colors make the building less gloomy heavy parts.


Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine and ancient beauty, both modern as well preserved. Many businesses contribute renovated temple and the temple aisle.


Flooded streets beautiful cherry blossoms as a picture.

Resident snow cats under a car.


Painting unique 3D balloons in a corner to make viewers feel like the real thing.


Man lying neatly undersea Louis Vuitton sparking debate whether he has to be a homeless person or not.


A hunched old woman crossed the road difficult.


Takeshita lively streets with all kinds of box every time it rains.

Woman wearing kimono walking deliberate on a quaint street in Kyoto.


Street fashion in Japan.


The light color makes the apartment came alive at night.

A pedestrian waiting for the train to run through before the railing barrier.


Traditional culture of Japan.


Harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.


Famous Shibuya intersection in Tokyo.


Gracefully bending its streets under the canopy of flowers.

Passengers rushed to board.

By: Hill Scott