Mistakes when wearing contact lenses, but this girl had nearly been blind

Nov 3,2016
Meabh had contact lenses in her eyes for too long and it almost made her stick to eyeball difficulty removed. Consequence is the young girl had been blind for 5 days.

Recently, a rare crash that occurred when the young girl 23 years old British-Hill Meabh McHugh to contact lenses in the eyes for 10 hours. As a rule, this kind of contact lenses should only keep the eye about 8 hours.

However, when Meabh attempt to remove contact lenses from the eye, contact lenses her almost being "stuck" in his eyes. Consequently Meabh was hurt when she accidentally retinal tearing eyes.

Meabh lacerations caused can not open her eyes became normal and sensitive to light. Her student film industry had to stay in bed in total darkness for about 5 days. Any contact with the light also caused her injuries became more serious.

The eyes of Meabh hurt.

Even without losing performance, capacity, doctors also recommend Meabh that she should never again put your lenses. Replies to the press, Meabh said: "I ran upstairs and too hastily remove the jumper off the glass. Normally, I would do very carefully and slowly".

"It is I was very lucky. Only my first miscarriage little loss of vision is completely already. I do not know that wearing contact lenses so dangerous if your eyes do not get regular moisturizing. Dang said the I should moisten iris ago. at that time, I was too dry eye and contact lenses were actually stick to eyeball ".

Meabh McHugh-Hill said before, she or dry eye and infection. Normally, she must use a device to be able to put in contact lenses.

However, though not completely blind, but the accident has left permanent scars in the eyes of Meabh and she will have to wear glasses regularly. The doctor also said that because the scar in her eyes, she would not be able to access by surgical laser projection method.

Eyes with blue contact lenses Meabh.

By: Gonzalez Nelson