Millions of trees change color as in revenue

Nov 1,2016
Change millions kochia plants turn red, making the hills like being put on my robe and bright highlights.

Kochia is a discolored grass often grows into a spherical dust round, green leaves. To autumn, leaves deducts from blue, to yellow, then red.

As to this country in the fall, you can find this grass was planted at the roadside, or in front of the diner.


Millions of trees are planted to form red grass hill for tourists visiting the coastal park only Hitachi (Hitachi, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan).


Currently 4 million trees were planted here kochia has started to move from blue to red. According to estimates, beginning in November, the bushes will completely turn red. It is also the best time for you to visit this place.


Not completely change the color, but the grass hill has attracted many domestic travelers and tourists.


After the end of round running, Yoshida, Japan, 22, said each time to come here, he will run a lap. "Not only me, but my friends did the same. You can try to experience the feeling among the red clouds," he said.


In addition to sightseeing, running, shooting, many young people aim to reach the top of the hill, put here to ring the bell for good luck.


Older travelers choose to sit on the bench at the top of the hill.


 It is time for the machine hand specialist ...

.... And amateurs "hunt" gorgeous photos of the grass hill. Spicy millions can change colors when 11 images on revenue. Foothills butterfly flowers swaying in the wind, causing the red color of the grass as kochia increasingly prominent and brilliant. Rotation of the sun being eclipsed by the beauty of flowers. Mimosa yellow wild flowers near the hills nearby.

From the entrance grass hill far kochia. You can choose to travel by train or rental price of 400 yen 500 yen bike for a day.


By: Torres Peterson