Mercedes introduced the first luxury truck

Oct 29,2016
X-Class Concept is a luxury pick-up. This is the first truck from Mercedes-Benz, will be produced from 2017.

In an event that is held in Sweden, Mercedes has unveiled its first pickup. This will be a luxury pick-up. Because only appeared as a concept car model identifier should Mercedes X-Class concept this is.

This mid-size truck is equipped with AWD and 4WD V6 engine torque correction higher. X-Class concept will have two versions: Stylish Explorer for urban streets and Powerful capabilities Adventurer for superior off-road.

X-Class is an effort to fill all of the Mercedes car segment.

"With this pickup pattern, Mercedes completed the final piece in all its segments. X-Class will set new standards in the compact pickup segment, "CEO Dieter Zetsche said Daimler.

X-Class is equipped with LED daytime running lights with the same AMG GT supercar. The strong veins on the hood. Inside is a large space, control screen "similar smartphone", can be controlled by buttons or touch. Vehicles are also equipped with driver assistance systems of the new carrier.

Though sleek but capable off-road super.

Stylish Explorer version large grille with black incorporate a chromium-plated bar with large Mercedes logo. The bottom is equipped with horizontal bars to radiators at both ends. The tail is surrounded by staging rectangular LED taillights. This version is equipped with 22-inch wheels with high-grade alloy.

Powerful Adventurer version has two horizontal bar grille chrome plating, wheel arch cover made of carbon. Separate bins rear door and rear lights along the sides. Off-road features of the X-Class is seen through the advanced off-road tires and two sets of winches and zipper in the front and rear.

Similar luxurious interior of its SUV models.

Despite its sleek often seen on the Mercedes, but X-Class is also quite strong. Vehicles using turbocharged diesel V6, 3.0-liter capacity, the maximum production capacity of 258 kW and maximum torque of 620 Nm. Trapezoidal chassis helps X-Class can carry 1.1 tonnes weight and towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes.

Mercedes plans to sell X-Class in late 2017 in the European market, Australia and South Africa. Then there is the South American market in 2018. The US market is difficult to understand, quite fertile for pickups has no specific information about the time of launch.

By: Gonzalez Nelson