Makeup romantic, gentle as Juliette

Nov 6,2016
Makeup style will bring you feminine, fashionable and attractive.


A girl feminine, gentle, giving sight to attract always leave a deep impression in the hearts of all people. Why not if you can help her more beautiful in the eyes of others. Please change your everyday appearance, especially on special occasions!
Try applying makeup style later. Surely these "recipes" basic makeup of this will be helpful for you there!

Step 1: Make up your face

1 pumping small amounts foundation (Foundation) on the hand.


Use the sponge on the face started spreading from the center of the face (cheek 2) softly into the T: chin - nose - forehead.


1 Use your fingertips little dots nude eyeshadow.


Use as concealer, powder spread underneath your eyes to cover dark circles puffiness 1 naturally.


End facial makeup by 1 grade powder coated (Face powder) thin over the entire face to keep long-lasting cream background.

Step 2 - Eye Makeup:


1 small dots light pink eyeshadow with your finger tip.


Subscriptions are to elect the entire substrate eye to eye makeup.


Using an eyeshadow brush canopy light brown emulsion is not a long one, and on the eyelids around.


Press 1 at the end of the eyelid brown sugar (in the pros) and blend well into the natural created deep eye sockets. Dot lip lip to lip in the heart of the natural up and cluster of birds. If lips slightly thicker, you can agree before 1 layer of concealer on the lips (concealer) and then put lip tint to "narrow" thin lips gently.


... Spread evenly from bottom to the outer corner of the eyelid to balance color on the eye.


To gaze of eyes more glitter and attraction, you spread pollen golden yellow in her eyes, and pointed to the corner of the road about 1/3 lower eyelids.


Bevelled using a brush head (angled brush) 1 less pollen dark brown canopy without emulsion. For this type of lipstick, you should not put lipstick on the lips which directly put some water on your face hand lip tint ago. Then, use your fingertips to get one little dab thin lip and a dab of water to his lips.



line from the inner corner of the eye outward, scooped up one small corner create cat eye line (cat-eyes).

Lashes forceps press and hold for about 10 seconds.


Then re broaching by mascara for extra long double and thick lashes.

To add depth eyes and attractive, you can use the extra eyelashes.


Use glue dots swab eyelashes are on the horizon, wait about 10 seconds and then placed on a layer of eyelashes on the road and close to your real lashes.

The final step to complete the eye makeup eyebrows. Use an eyebrow pencil or dark brown eye shadow brush to spread evenly and who fill the eyebrows. You guys 1 horizontal eyebrows, thick and dark to match the style of makeup in the morning, this pure nature.


After the bowl and you guys, you use the brush like mascara brush head (type for eyebrows) light at the top of the eyebrow brush to spread pastel colors are more natural.
Step 3 - Step accenting the face, bringing natural appearance and natural glow.


1 little blusher dots with your finger tip.

Dab and blend well with the first and finger in cheek.

You can spread it with brush blush component to be coated all chalk layers and more natural.


Finally, use the round brush beaten chalk nude and blush ...

Blend well in the corners around the corner edging face like the forehead, cheek to the corner block natural light and skin to the face.


Eyes though are fussy makeup but with gentle colors chosen will help accenting each line for the eyes. Your eyes still gaze naturally feminine and attractive.

You can choose this style for the special day. Or simply, you want to stand out and attract the eyes of the people even in normal days both.


Video Makeup romantic, gentle as Juliette

By: Tonado Joesy