Makeup pink tone for extra baby face

Nov 25,2016
If you are a girl owning white skin and enjoy the natural beauty, feel free to use pink tones to become youthful and sweet as a candy of milk!

Makeup with pink tones emphasize the healthy natural, accented with eyes, rosy cheeks and bright lips. Makeup very simple way:


Step 1: Use a pearly rated government elected on the eyes.

Step 2: Use peach eye shadow reviews hit the corners of her eyes.



Step 3: Use 1/3 of the sky orange type on the eyes, then use your fingers to gently move the two regions together diffuse color.



Step 4: Scan a light emulsion layer into the two eyelids.



Step 5: Mark a bit gray and the tail of the double eyelid crease.



Step 6: Use a black pencil and draw a long thin line on the lash line.



Step 7: Attach the lid on fake eyelashes on, then mascara.



Step 8: Use chalk early morning light hit the eye to be sharp eyes.



Step 9: For the lips, to get bright colors and lip, apply a layer of lip balm, then use concealer lips bright as a pigment and then apply a layer of lipstick pink nude.



Step 10: Apply lip color system with water and lipstick to the lips fuller and fuller.

Step 11: Finally, apply blush in a circular motion to be flushed cheeks up so lovely.

Video Makeup pink tone for extra baby face


By: Tonado Joesy