Makeup pink lips, curved like SNSD Mr.Mr.

Nov 24,2016
Just how powerful makeup, sexy back, attracted by the girls of SNSD is making fans seething.

Do not just come up with the most popular hit songs and charismatic unhinge all music charts in Asia and the world, SNSD forefront of fashion trends and the strong influence of taste the majority of young people. Girls preferred style dynamic, sophisticated but equally charming, to the beauty and individuality of his own.

The following makeup will teach you how to own a fine white skin, deep eyes and full red lips as she attracted the girls.

You should follow these steps:

Step 1:
You need to use combination 2 types of foundation (foundation) to have perfect skin 1, durable, and most natural. Mix 2 cream: cream background with a strong cover and high moisture (Smart foundation perfect cover) and long-lasting foundation (foundation of long-lasting Smart) rata 2-1. Use makeup brushes tail section to mix and then apply on the face.

You should use makeup sponge to blend well as foundation to the entire face. Sponge is also effective to take away the oil, excessive sweating still lingered on the face before makeup.


Next mix strong foundation cover types used in the top cream emulsion (makeup blender) in the ratio of 1: 2.


Then, apply the cream on to the need to highlight areas of the face, such as: cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Canopy are used puff.


Finish the makeup for all skin surface by coating powder (powder) to keep the makeup more durable and long-lasting.

Step makeup to the skin is one very important step that you always need to spend more time and effort than by 1 skin smooth, spotless throughout your face will glow naturally and 1 draw as well as the girls of SNSD so.


Step 2:
Start section eye makeup with the guys and shaping eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. For a natural eyebrow pure beauty as SNSD, you need to shape your eyebrows with brighter colors straight your hair color one bit.

Step 3:
Canopy light brown eyeshadow periorbital then scooped up in the eyes on the cat's eye effect (cat-eye).

You agree to dark brown powder eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eye than to create deep and seductive eye socket

Powdered eyeshadow light brown emulsion contract between the eyes and at the corners of his eyes election will create glare glitter for the eyes

Step 4:
Pen eyeliner (eye liner) who are both on the border and the bottom edge of the eye and in the eyes upward. You should use dark brown powder (used above) canopy 1 at around the corners of the eye liner to create lines of natural and deeper eye sockets.

Then clamp Lashes, mascara and eyelashes pasted above the eyes

Step 5:
End of step with the completion of the current makeup pink lips seductive as SNSD. Mr.Mr. makeup style This time the trend towards vintage, so you should select hard-line lipstick (matte lip) with less emulsion ball but still moisturizing the lips. Bold lipstick colors are often difficult and needs more meticulously colored lipstick so you should start drawing (using a brush or lipstick) from the border between the lower lip and closed the road and fill lips. Similar bowl with class upper lip.

You can bowl add 1 small dot black eyeliner pen to create one small mole charm and personality in the eyes.

A simple way to become her personality, trendy and with the trend! You can apply this style not only with night parties, big events, but also can be applied immediately to the style of menswear, streetstyle life full of your personality.


By: Tansania Alia